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Masahiro namatame


To Deepen Our Production and Metal Processing Techniques.

Founded in 1970, with over 45 years of experience, NTS has been present as a Precise Metal Process Proto-Typing Specialist serving in Aerospace, High-End-Motorsports (cars and motorcycles), Medical and Marine Industries.  Our mission is to produce and supply the clients with the requested items as designed, on time, which is backed by our high level of quality and production control as well as traceability based on JIS-Q 9100 (AS 9100 / EN 9100) standards if necessary. 

Our World Grand Prix Moto2 Challenge is to enhance our production know-how, techniques, and quality control in order for NTS to lead the industry by taking a step further to offer our clients with higher satisfaction.  Our original moto2 chassis, NH6 is fully designed, developed and manufactured in-house by NTS so that our "study" is fully under our own responsibility.  Quality Control is the key in all of what we do.  In terms of manufacturing techniques, even though the moto2 chassis manufacturing is not as severe as those items we are requested by our clients to produce, it helps our engineers and machine operators to build up experiences and confidence in what they do to.  The most difficult part is not to ensure the quality of the item in static measurement is the same in the range of a micron as designed, but to try to ensure the performance of the item is the same as designed dynamically.  In that sense, understanding the internal stress produced by every manufacturing process is the primary.  Needless to say, in addition to all of the above, designing a professional racing chassis ourselves will allow us to understand the functions and the requirements deeper by putting the NTS components into variety of academic tests and researches in a lab including aerodynamics performance, rigidity analysis, CAE simulation, and as deep as metal property analysis for DMLS items to ensure the quality.

Last but not least, we would also like to emphasize that we appreciate the fact that there is a chance for a manufacturing company, including ourselves, has a place in the World Grand Prix to compete in as a chassis supplier which we think is a great opportunity for us to show our presence out to the world.  We also hope that by our presence in the challenging class will make the series even deeper and funner to watch for the spectators, both sports-wise and engineering-wise.

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NTS RW Racing GP
FIM World Grand Prix Moto2 Team

RW Racing GP, owned by Roelof Waninge and managed by former GP rider Jarno Janssen, is the sole Dutch team racing in the Motorcycle Road Race World Championship.

For many years Roelof Waninge had been involved in road racing, as a keen supporter and as a sponsor, with his company Sent Waninge. When, due to financial situations, the then Team Molenaar made a decision to withdraw from the 125cc MotoGP Championship in January 2011, Waninge stepped in with his own private team: RW Racing GP.

In October 2017, Masahiro Namatame (CEO of NTS Co., Ltd) and Jarno Janssen (Team Mangaer of RW Racing GP) had bound a contract to go into the 2018 FIM World Grand Prix Moto2, which is a second challenge for RW and the first one for NTS.  Despite the fact that the team is relatively new on the Moto2 grid, the foundation of the team as well as the members are highly experienced and motivated, ready to push the project forward for not only the Dutch and the Japanese fans but for all those who love motorsports.  The team have invited two talented riders, one from South Africa and the other from the USA.

Steven Odendaal (South Africa) will form a team lead by his chief crew, Fabrizio Manciucca on a car number 4.  The package for the American, Joe Roberts, on the other hand will be lead by Hans Span who is also the technical manager of RW Racing GP.


Motivation is the key to success.

Being a team manager since 2006, I have learned and I have seen a lot. In my job, you always try to find the best opportunities for your team.  This means that you need to combine the “best” in team personnel, team riders and team materials to create the results you are aiming for.  All of these aspects requires strong partners that make sure that our 2018 campaign of the 19 World-Championship Races will lead to a success.

To join forces with a strong partner like NTS will give RW Racing GP the opportunity to build a strong team with a great future.  And with pride, we will defend the colors of our partners and our team.  Looking a head to the future, I can only say that we are learning and working hard towards our goals.  NTS RW Racing GP entered the World-Championship not only to be part of it but to fight against the best manufactures in world.  

Jarno Janssen,
Team Manager, NTS RW Racing GP