Our challenge and dedication will lead to our clients' satisfaction, which I hope will lead to our workers' dreams come true as well.


It was 38 years ago when my father, Katsumi Namatame, returned to his hometown Asakawa machi from Tokyo, where he was engaged in the processing industry. He turned the downstairs of his house into a workshop, where he worked with just one bench lathe.

When I was 22, I decided to succeed the family business, and started to help him. 9 years ago, I made a big decision to introduce the computer programming system. We made a great transformation from family business into a company, and launched into 3 dimensional prototype manufacturing.

Making a prototype is the most important work in the process of materializing a dream into an actual creation. We find a sense of satisfaction and achievement in steadily building up a creation, which will be produced 3 years or 5 years in the future. People have a dream, for which they step up efforts to realize. As a result of the efforts, a new product is born. I believe that is the principle of creativity.

There are no salespeople for our prototypes in NTS because our products fulfil that role. One job creates another job. No word is necessary to describe our achievement: just one product is more eloquent than anything else.


Masahiro NAMATAME,
Representative CEO,
NTS Co., Ltd.