Over 45 years of experience as a Precise Metal Process Specialist serving in Aerospace, High-End-Motorsports (cars and bikes), Medical and Marine Industries, our mission is to produce and supply the clients with the requested items as designed and on time backed by our high level of quality and production control and traceability.  

Our World Grand Prix Moto2 Challenge is to enhance our production know-how, techniques, and quality control in order for NTS to lead the industry by taking a step further to offer our clients with higher satisfaction.  Our original moto2 chassis, NH6 is fully designed, developed and manufactured in-house by NTS so that our "study" is fully under our own responsibility.  Quality Control is the key in all of what we do.  In terms of manufacturing techniques, even though the moto2 chassis manufacturing is not as sever as those items we are requested by our clients to produce, it helps us and our engineers and operators to build up experiences and confidence in what they do to.  The most difficult part is not to ensure the quality of the item in static condition is the same, in the range of a micron as designed, but to try to ensure the performance of the item is the same as designed dynamically.  In that sense, understanding the internal stress produced by every manufacturing process is primery, and tracability is secondary.

We would also like to mention that NTS is based in Fukushima, Japan, where the tragic earthquake and tsumiani had hit that lead to the malfunction of the nuclear power-plant on 11th March 2011.  Despite the fact that we hesitate to say that everything has fully recovered, hazardous area is strictly under control, and the fact is that Fukushima is just as or even more active in terms of economical activities.  We hope that our presence will prove to the world that Fukushima, Japan, is okay and we welcome you for your visit on either personal or business opportunities.