NTS Co., Ltd serve precise metal processing in Aerospace, Motorsports, Marine and Medical industries, and we are mainly used to working with materials such as Inconel, Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel and others including AMS (Aerospace Materials Specifications) materials.

Our main pride and passion is not only our capabilities and stability of micrometer-controlled machined components, but also our JIS Q 9100 or JIS 9001 certified in-house work flow which enables us to provide our clients with absolutely zero errors in quality and on delivery, as well as an established system to track back the defaults to identify the cause of unexpected results to make sure we share the technical solutions with our clients.

section 1production, 5 axis machining area

section 1production, 5 axis machining area

Founded back in 1970, our main service was to supply mechined metal components to semi-conductor industries, which required highly precise process as well as quality control.  Soon after we understood the needs and the importance  of quality control, the compnay was welcomed by various leading companies and we are continuing to expand our business partnerships in industries such as aerospace, motorsports, marine, medical and others.

In 2018, NTS is planning to expand our business base by constructing a whole new facility in which we will be able to bring-in more technicians and facilities.  Expansion is key to serve our clients for their endless needs for capability, quality, speed and cost.  In details, the plan is to reinforce our 5 axis machining facilities (currently 10+), as well as DMLS facilities for the latest technological demands.  Our mission is to keep up with the latest technologies as well as to contribute to the society as a whole by serving as a high-level prototyping manufacturer for the high-end engineering needs.

In addition, as a precise metal process prototyping specialist, we are showing our capabilities of production and R&D engineering levels through our own participation and presence in professional motorsports.  One of the main examples of such is the fact that we are currently supplying a fully-in-house designed and manufactured "moto2 racing bike" in FIM CEV Repsol International Championship, resulting in ranking 3rd in the 2016 season.